State 2 - 1849

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State 2 - 1849 State 3 - 1855


            The two images here are the same enlarged views from a print entitled “New York from the Steeple of St. Paul’s Church, looking East, South and West.” 21 3/8 x 36 7/16 542 mm x 926 mm,


            The 2nd printing is dated 1849 and the 3rd printing is dated 1855. Most everyone is familiar with Phineus T. Barnum who ran a museum located on Broadway in New York City. Barnum traveled the world over to find items of interest that he hoped would attract customers enough to have them pay to enter his museum. If you will notice the store on the right, you will see the sign “Genin the Hatter”. I doubt many of you are familiar with Genin.


            Notice the growth of both businesses in the later version of this important print. Wendy Shadwell introduced us to Genin at our 1998 AHPCS annual meeting in NYC.