Ewell L. Newman Award

To recognize and encourage outstanding publications enhancing appreciation of American prints that are 100 or more years old, the award consists of a framed citation and $1,000.  Small and large works, those of narrow scope and those with broad general coverage are equally considered. Original research, fresh assessments, and the fluent synthesis of known material will all be taken into account. The emphasis is on quality and on making an outstanding contribution to the subject. Exhibition catalogues, monographs, articles, and works based on local sources are eligible.

Call for Entries

Publications remain eligible for a period of roughly two years after they first appear. Once a work has been passed on by the Jury it will not be considered again except in a substantially revised edition. Jurors include collectors, authors, and scholars, of American historical prints.

To submit a book to the Jury for consideration, please mail to the Jury chairperson:

Thomas Bruhn
42 Summit Road
Storrs, CT  06268
email:  Thomas.bruhn@uconn.edu