Bequest Society 

The American Historical Print Collectors Society, founded in 1975, is incorporated as a non-profit association in the State of Connecticut and has been granted tax-exempt status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of the Society is: 

To foster the collection, preservation, study, and exhibition of original historical American prints that are one hundred or more years old; 

To support and encourage research and development of publications helpful to the appreciation and conservation of such historical prints; 

To cooperate with historical societies, museums, and other institutions and organizations  having similar interests. 


It is obvious that prints have excited many individuals over a long period of time.  Some of us for the historical stories that these images portray and perhaps for others, just for the beauty or calming influence that they can exhibit or possibly for reminding us of our youth and simpler times. There are presently two members that felt so strongly about the importance of our society, that they bequested funds to AHPCS for future use and growth. 


Ewell L. Newman 
was a member for many years and in his memory, his wife Lois W. Newman has been providing funds almost every year from a trust that was created. These funds are used exclusively for the book award given each year. 
The book award is given: 

To recognize and encourage outstanding publications enhancing appreciation of  American prints at least one hundred years old, the award consists of a framed citation and one thousand dollars. 

Wendy Joan Shadwell 
requested her funds be used for what she called CPR: 
Co-operation with historical societies, museums, libraries and other organizations having similar interest. 
Preservation of original early American Prints.  
Research opportunities increased for both expert and interested novices in the field of prints through expanded use of AHPCS publications. 

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Future Bequests

 There are also two other members that currently have stepped forward indicating that they plan to provide future funds to the society as well. They are Janis Coleman and John Zak. Anyone wishing to learn more about gifting to AHPCS, you may do so by contacting AHPCS at: 

 94 Marine Street 
 Farmingdale, N.Y.  11735 
 Tel: 631-227-3227 or email to