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The American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS) is a non-profit group that encourages the collection, preservation, study, and exhibition of original historical American prints that are 100 or more years old.

In our third decade, AHPCS has over 450 members including individual collectors, print dealers, and educational and other institutions. Founded in 1975, AHPCS:

Membership includes a subscription to our newsletter and our journal, Imprint, and provides opportunities to meet fellow collectors and to participate in a variety of activities taking place around the United States, including our annual meeting which will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan in May 2017.

Please use our website to learn more about AHPCS, and to learn more about the exciting world of American historical prints.

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AHPCS brought to you in part by Wendy Joan Shadwell

Wendy Joan Shadwell passed away on October 23, 2007. Wendy was a life force who supported our society in so many capacities. She was our 11th President for the years 1998-2001. An active Board and Committee member, she wrote numerous original articles for IMPRINT, as well as being a long time member of the Society. However, her professional life went well beyond our Society; in addition to her exceptional curatorial contributions at the Middendorf Collection and the New York Historical Society, she researched and authored many, many notable articles and catalogs on historical prints. Her important contributions to the historical print world were recognized by her peers and by our Society. We are proud that she was one of us.

Wendy learned very early the importance of American Prints as they were the result of our Country's history. Wendy could look at an image and quickly see that there were many stories that could be told and would often go on to write an article on the topic. On occasion she would give a (lecture) instead.

Janice Coleman, best friend of 47 years, and Richard Allgaier, best friend and executor of Wendy’s estate, had this to say about her:

”Those of you, who knew Wendy well, know how passionate she was about everyone in the Art History field sharing knowledge among themselves as well as providing opportunities to the general public for exploring new interests. By her own admission, Wendy was 'addicted' to print and politely aggressive about having significant archival materials easily available to seasoned researchers as well as to novices. She took her own copies of Imprint to her Print Room at The New-York Historical Society so readers could benefit from the articles; with her amazing memory, Wendy could guide anyone to the exact page just at the mere mention of a topic.”

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